Good to Go FAQ

What is Good to Go?

Good to Go is G Adventures’ secure digital check-in process. Instead of spending the first day of your tour mired in paperwork, Good to Go helps you submit your information before you even leave home. These details will help our suppliers and us run our tours more smoothly.

What traveller information do you collect?

Good to Go collects the information necessary for any services booked on a tour. The information we require includes:
Emergency contact details
Relevant medical information
Proof of insurance
Passport information
Arrival and departure details
Traveller participation waiver

Is this new information you're collecting?

No, we’ve always collected this information. Up to now however, this has been through a number of sources and formats – you the traveller, your agent, your CEO, sometimes paper-based, and often at the beginning of your tour. Good to Go means all this information is collected in advance and is visible to you.

Is completing the Good to Go process mandatory?

Yes. To travel on any tour, you must be deemed Good to Go. If you have multiple tours on one booking, you only need to go through the process once.

How is G Adventures going to handle the information provided?

The G Adventures privacy policy explains how we use and protect traveller information. We also have safeguards in place to protect the sensitive data we receive during the booking process and through Good to Go. To help protect this information while the data is transmitted over the internet, we have implemented a high level of encryption. It is, in fact, the same type and strength of encryption used by Canadian government agencies and financial institutions. Read our privacy policy here.

G Adventures will not use the collected information for marketing purposes of any kind.

What are the benefits of Good to Go?

Improved service and safety. Collecting complete and accurate information in advance ensures we can provide the best possible service at all times, while staying equipped to provide assistance during a critical incident.

Guaranteeing your tour runs like clockwork. Collecting accurate arrival and departure information helps us react to any changes in your itinerary, ensuring a seamless travel experience.

Centralization. Good to Go allows you to manage booking requirements in one secure and central location.

Security. It's a secure way of communicating sensitive personal information.

Convenience. No need to wait on the phone to provide required information. Access Good to Go at any time, 24/7.

Less paper. No more printed documents required. All your documentation is now available digitally through the G Adventures mobile app,

More time. Administration is all taken care of pre-tour, allowing the adventure to truly begin at your welcome meeting.

When do I need to provide this information?

You can begin the Good to Go process as soon as you've booked your tour. The deadline for submitting required information is directly related to your specific tour. Many destinations have unique requirements for what information is needed and when. These timelines will be visible to you once you start the Good to Go process.

Can someone other than me complete the Good to Go process?

Another person, such as a G Adventures GCO, your travel agent, or a fellow traveller on the booking can provide some of the necessary information through the Good to Go process. However, due to legal reasons there are a few sections that must be completed directly by you or, in the case of minors travelling, by their parent or legal guardian. One example is the traveller participation waiver.

Why does each traveller need to complete their own waiver(s)?

We require travellers to complete and agree to one or more waivers depending on the type of trip booked. Since these waivers are legal agreements, they must be completed by the person who is travelling on the trip and cannot be completed by a G Adventures GCO, your travel agent, or a fellow traveller on the same booking. In the case of minors travelling, waivers must be completed by their parent or legal guardian.

When will I receive my travel vouchers?

After completion of the Good to Go process, vouchers will be available within travellers' G Accounts or emailed from the travel agent.