Travel with Confidence

It goes without saying, but it’s worth saying anyway: your safety, as well as the safety of our employees, partners, and local residents, will always be our top priority. That’s what makes our Travel with Confidence policy so important. To sum it up, it represents all the heightened health and safety measures we’ve implemented on our trips, from the moment you arrive to the final hugs goodbye. It’s our commitment to keeping you safe, without ever taking away from you having the best travel experience possible.

Safe Travels - we have implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols.

G Adventures has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp, which provides travellers with assurance that we’ve implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols .

Safety first, second, third, fourth...

More about the policy

Before you join us

Our Global Connection Officers

Our GCOs (the people who answer when you call us) are available 24/7 to help with any questions you have prior to your trip, so you can feel confident and safe before leaving. They'll be up-to-date on local regulations and restrictions, and can guide you through your travel process as smoothly as possible.

Be prepared before your departure

Our GCOs will do their best to ensure you’re feeling comfortable, confident, and well-informed before you start your trip. There are, however, certain things that are the responsibility of the traveller. These include obtaining the proper entry documents for the country you’re visiting, as well as understanding the most up-to-date travel and health requirements and restrictions for all destinations relevant to your trip (which can change frequently). To help you prepare for your trip, we’ve compiled all the important pre-departure information you need to consider, plus additional travel advice to make your planning that much easier.

My own room

If you’re joining one of our small group tours on your own, well, good on ya! We have My Own Rooms available as an extra option for tours (pending availability), and we do encourage travellers to consider purchasing My Own Room if you’d like added peace of mind (and the gloriousness of your own personal bathroom).

When you arrive

Our Chief Experience Officers

Our CEOs are responsible for ensuring you have the time of your life while keeping you as safe as possible. Here’s how they’re ready to do that:

  • They’re trained in First Aid, CPR, and other safety protocols
  • They’re supported 24/7 by the field staff in our offices around the world who are well-equipped to handle emergencies
  • They can help you find local clinics if you're feeling sick
  • They’ll receive ongoing training to ensure they are up to date on all health and safety policies
  • They have extensive local knowledge to proactively help you navigate wherever you’re travelling

You and your fellow travellers

Our travellers' safety and wellbeing is our biggest concern. If you're not feeling well before your departure, we have a Book with Confidence policy that provides you with flexibility and freedom to delay leaving until you’re back to 100% healthy (terms and conditions apply)

Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Since even the cold of Antarctica can’t freeze the spread of COVID-19, all passengers will be required to show proof of vaccination as part of the check in process before boarding. Please see Travel with Confidence for Antarctica Expedition Cruises for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

The safety of our travellers, as well as that of our employees and partners, has always been our top priority. Our Travel with Confidence policy was created to highlight all the measures G Adventures has developed to keep everyone safe, and features health and safety procedures from the moment you arrive on tour to the moment you leave, without taking away from you having the time of your life.

Our Travel with Confidence policy goes hand in hand with our Book with Confidence policy — which provides travellers with even more flexibility and freedom when it comes to booking with us by letting you cancel and rebook your tour with no added costs closer to the time of departure. While on tour, it is a requirement that travellers follow the directions of their CEO at all times to help keep their fellow group-mates safe, as well as local residents.

Our Travel with Confidence policy covers all of our G Adventures tours. For protocols specific to our Antarctica Expeditions, please see here. And for National Geographic Journeys and National Geographic Family Journeys, see here.

You bet. We’ve updated our booking terms to provide additional flexibility to our travellers. It helps you cancel and rebook your tour closer to the time of departure at no cost to you — giving you added flexibility and peace of mind. Full details can be found here.

Short answer: yes. Long answer: our policy is based on both local health and safety guidelines, as well our own mandated procedures. In the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19, they won’t be able to continue with the tour until they’ve isolated themselves from the group for a minimum of 5 days, are symptom-free, and have cleared all local protocols. Of course, our local operations team will help any affected travellers make alternative arrangements. All travellers, however, are required to have travel insurance in order to cover this situation should it occur.

At this point in time, it is no longer required to be vaccinated to go on one of our tours, except for our Expedition tours — we still require Expedition travellers to be vaccinated. On every tour, however, travellers still have the responsibility to ensure they meet all applicable entry requirements for their destinations at the time of travel.

G Adventures may require you to demonstrate compliance with the Travel with Confidence Policy at any point prior to or during your trip. If you do not comply with the Travel with Confidence Policy, or do not demonstrate your compliance when requested, G Adventures may remove you from a tour immediately. Travellers removed from a tour for failure to adhere to the Travel with Confidence Policy are responsible for all costs related to their removal, including accommodations and transportation home. No refunds will be issued if you are removed from a tour because of a violation of the Travel with Confidence Policy.

Your group size will be an average of 16 awesome people from all over the world, who will be following the same guidelines as you. We appreciate that our travellers are joining us from many different countries around the world, but, on a G Adventures tour, all our travellers are required to follow the guidelines of our Travel with Confidence policy and support decisions made locally by the CEO to help keep everyone safe.

It is not required for you to bring a mask, however, we do recommend that you have one just in case! There may be local guidelines that require the wearing of masks and we will abide by those rules wherever necessary. As well, if you do develop a cough or a sniffle on tour, your tour companions may well appreciate you wearing a mask to help keep everyone well. We’ll continue to monitor this requirement and will make changes to this policy as appropriate, and as local guidelines and country rules evolve.

Our groups have always been small. Why? Because a smaller size offers security, access, camaraderie, and a connection with a destination that you just won't get by travelling on bus tours or even on your own. Our average group size is 16, so you can experience our world alongside other travellers without being squeezed together like sardines.

And, if you’d prefer, you can reserve the entire trip just for your own handpicked crew by taking advantage of our Book Your Bubble with Private Travel programprogram. We offer two awesome ways to travel with friends and family in your own bubble for even more confidence and peace of mind. Off-the-rack, and our Book Your Bubble Collection of select adventures that offer even more benefits and discounts.

We are constantly reviewing the safety and security of all countries in which we operate, as well as monitoring all government travel advisories on an ongoing basis. There are many factors we look at before deciding where to travel and where not to travel.

If you’re not feeling well or are displaying symptoms upon arrival on one of our tours, we recommend you distance yourself from others when possible, wear a mask and self isolate when necessary. It is no longer a requirement for you to get tested if feeling sick, however we do strongly recommend it, along with wearing a mask. Your CEO will support you and will provide help throughout the process.

You can learn more about our specific Travel with Confidence policy for Antarctica Expedition Cruises here.

While it is not a requirement to take a COVID test before joining the tour, some countries require you to take a test before entering the country.

If you can’t travel prior to your trip, please speak to your travel agent or GCO for more information and options. Please remember to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance to protect you should your travel plans change.

Please contact us or your travel agent for support on the ground, and for options that we can help you with. Your CEO and G Adventures 24/7 operational support will be also able to support you remotely. You should also follow local public health guidance as well. As a courtesy to other travellers, please do not join the Welcome Meeting to avoid putting anyone else at risk. Please remember to ensure that you have adequate travel insurance to protect you should your travel plans change.

Yes, all travellers are required to have travel insurance. The insurance policy must meet the minimum requirements of a minimum medical, evacuation, and repatriation coverage of $200,000. We also advise our travellers to acquire a policy with COVID-19 coverage, where available.

If you are travelling on your own, you’ll be paired up with a roommate of the same sex. If you are travelling on a dorm-based tour, you will be rooming with other individuals from the group and potentially the general public. And if you do want to upgrade to your own room, we have worked to make more My Own Rooms available.

Once you’re on your trip, you’ll be responsible for your own luggage.

If you don't feel well before travelling, our Book with Confidence policy lets you reschedule your trip at no added costs (terms and conditions apply). While on the trip itself, you’re always encouraged to speak up if you’re not feeling well, and your CEO can help you find local clinics so you can see a medical professional. In the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19, they will not be able to continue with the tour until they have quarantined for a minimum of 5 days, are symptom-free and cleared all local protocols. Our local operations team will help any affected travellers make alternative arrangements. All travellers, however, are required to have travel insurance in order to cover this situation should it occur.

If this happens while you are on your holiday, please notify us without delay and we will provide as much reasonable assistance as we can. However, G Adventures will not be responsible for covering the cost of any curtailment of your tour, missed transport arrangements, additional accommodation required, or other associated costs incurred by you. Travellers must ensure they have travel insurance which covers these costs.

Public transportation has always been a big part of the G Adventure experience. So yes, there will be times where local transportation will be used, depending on the tour and the travel style. We’ll continue to take all necessary precautions and adhere to local health and safety regulations to ensure your safety. If you have any concerns, please take a look at the Tour Notes for a particular tour before making a booking to see if local transportation will be used.

All travellers are required to agree to the Traveller Conduct Policy.Anyone who doesn’t follow these guidelines will be removed from the trip.