Racism and discrimination have no place in our global community.

We stand with the Black Travel Alliance and the #PullUpForTravel campaign.
We know we need to do more.
We are committed to improving diversity within all of our operations and will track progress as we go.

Current Representation:

  • 0% representation of Black people in our executive team
  • 80% representation of BIPOC in our executive team

We have to do better. We know we’re not where we need to be. We are committed to doing better and being better allies starting today. We will track and publish our progress as we go.

We will work with our people.

  • We will overhaul our talent attraction strategies to include the implementation of anonymized applications, revised job descriptions and a refresh of our culture fit interview
  • We will conduct a full review of our talent management process including how we make leadership development and promotion decisions
  • We’re reviewing and revising our existing Diversity & Inclusion strategy to explicitly address challenges faced by Black and BIPOC employees to ensure the strategy is proactively addressing issues of systemic and institutional racism
  • We will partner with Diversio, a technology company leveraging data and machine learning to analyze, improve, and track diversity and inclusion in the workplace, to collect race based data and identify areas for improvement
  • We commit to training all staff on issues of unconscious bias in the workplace
  • We will implement a Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce to support critical business initiatives and decision making

We will work on our tour content and with our supplier partners.

  • We will build more BIPOC and, specifically, Black narrative into our tours, wherever possible
  • We commit to reviewing our tours from a diversity perspective; specifically travelling while Black
  • We commit to increasing diversity amongst our CEOs (tour guides) in all destinations we travel
  • We commit to buying from and partnering with BIPOC owned businesses, and specifically those owned by the Black community
  • We commit to reviewing our supply chain to further strengthen our support for businesses owned by people of colour in all destinations we travel

We will work on our marketing.

  • We commit to reviewing our marketing approach and assets to assess how inclusive we are and how we can better integrate more diverse perspectives; specifically travelling while Black
  • We will increase diversity of travellers in marketing assets including brochures, website, and social media with an immediate spotlight on increasing the number of Black travellers represented
  • We commit to working with more Black travel influencers in our Wanderers programme, and to sharing more content created by Black writers and photographers
  • We will feature more BIPOC travel experts, journalists, and authors on our company blog, and use this as a vehicle to educate about Black people, communities, and heritage
  • We will engage with more travel media dedicated to reaching the BIPOC travel community

We will work to leverage our community impact.

  • We will work with our non-profit partner Planeterra to leverage our impact in BIPOC and Black communities
  • Planeterra empowers 85 community tourism projects, 66 of which are run and managed by BIPOC, 14 are Black owned/managed businesses, and 9 are Black female owned/managed