Respecting local cultures

Travel like you live there.

When we’re travelling, we step into local people’s communities, businesses, places of worship, and homes. How would you treat these places if you lived there? Let’s be respectful travellers that are invited to come back again and again. Be the kind of guest you’d want to have stop by for a visit.

Being the type of travellers our world deserves is important for our tours to create positive exchanges and create a sense of global community. We worked with our non-profit partner Planeterra to create these helpful tips to ensure we’re all acting like travellers, not tourists.

These tips were partially inspired by our Indigenous Welfare Policy that specifically aims to protect Indigenous peoples often exploited by travel. Learn more about our work with Indigenous People.

Some helpful insights to remember

Be respectful of cultural practices

Traditional practices

When you’re taking part in practices that are unfamiliar and unsure of how to act, just ask. Or watch how members of the community you’re visiting are behaving. Are they quiet? Clapping? Follow suit.

Dress appropriately


Research how the local people dress and recommended dress codes for specific places (churches, temples, etc.) so you can pack what you need.

Ask before taking photos


Be kind and respect everyone’s privacy. Ask before taking someone’s photo.

Be respectful of local sites

Cultural landmarks

Take cues from local people visiting (or local guides) to learn how to appreciate monuments, cultural sites, or other places of local significance.

Fairly priced handicrafts make the best souvenirs


Check for handicrafts that are made locally and ask your guide if you’re unsure of what price is fair.