Marine Experience

Instant adventure: just add water

G Adventures Marine tours connect travellers to the world's greatest aquatic destinations abroad small, intimate ships and yachts. Each tour has been carefully designed to deliver unparalleled access to out-of-the-way ports and islands, and to foster meaningful connections with local people and cultures in a way you simply won't get from a large cruise line.

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Expedition Cruises

Whether it’s an eight-day dip or 21-day odyssey, a quest in search of penguins or following in the spirit of Shackleton, there’s a G Expedition cruise that’s right for you.

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Experience Earth’s frozen frontier

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No matter how far inland we live, there’s something about the sea that calls to us. It’s wide. It’s deep. It’s blue. It’s a canvas upon which we can paint adventures we otherwise can’t do on dry land.

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River Cruising

“River adventures? Like on one of those massive 200-passenger cruise ships?” No, not like that at all. The G Adventures river adventures program opens up the interior of some of the world’s greatest places via inventive itineraries down fabled waterways on small boats made for small groups.

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A new way to experience the Amazon

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Galápagos Cruises

The Galápagos’ incredible natural diversity is the crucible from which Charles Darwin’s earth-shattering theory of evolution sprang. There are species of bird, animal, and plant life here that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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