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Looking for that sweet spot between independent backpacking and organized group tours? Congrats — you found it! Classic tours combine the support and security of group travel, unbeatable variety, and the flexibility to go off-script when fate says, “Hey, let’s do this.”

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Five reasons to pick a Classic


Unique places to stay

Always local and unique, you’ll stay in hotels, homestays, as well as interesting places like yurts, cabanas, and jungle lodges. They're standard service level — but we’d say they’re pretty high on the cool and comfort levels, too.


Eat in and out

Enjoy a variety of included meals and plenty of chances to choose your own eats, giving you added value and your taste buds the freedom to do some exploring of their own.


A healthy dose of variety

Every tour delivers an unbeatable mix of highlights, uncommon experiences, cultural contact, and active experiences, all true to wherever you’re headed. No departure is alike, and that’s just how we like it.


You won’t miss the highlights

We couldn’t call them Classic tours without making sure you see major landmarks. Your CEO knows when to go to avoid crowds, and might toss in an unexpected stop that other tours miss — the surprises are all a part of the fun.


Strangers today, friends tomorrow

Small group travel has benefits going on your own doesn’t: camaraderie, insider access, logistical support, and an instant and enthusiastic squad of travelling companions.

See and do Classic things

Get ready to dive right into your destination through a wide range of fan favourite sights and activities. Some are included, some are optional, but all are endlessly fun and rewarding.

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