South Korea

Kyoungbok Palace in Seoul, South Korea

A complex past, a rich present

Thousands of years of complex history have culminated in South Korea – a place that has finally and fully come into its own as a world-class travel destination. Its shimmering capital, Seoul, has few rivals that can match it for size (it’s the world’s third-largest city) and sheer coolness. For lovers of exotic nature, South Korea’s mountainous national parks might best be described as otherworldly. And no trip here is all that it can be without a visit in the south to the pristine white beaches of Jeju Island. South Korea is both Eastern and Western; traditional and cutting-edge. With all its contradictions, this is a place you’ll remember forever.

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Why visit South Korea?

Jeju island

The stunning white-sanded beaches on volcanic Jeju Island are exactly what you’ll want (and need) after experiencing South Korea’s history and culture.

Busan city

Bustling with life, South Korea’s second largest city offers mountains, water, a super cool bridge, and the world-famous Jagalchi Fish market.

Traditional temples

The temples and designated religious sites throughout the country are known to be some of the best-preserved sacred attractions in all of East Asia.

Korean food

Korean food is known for its spicy flavour profiles. Wherever you may visit in the country, dishes like the traditional bibimbap will keep you well fueled.